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Cure2Children supported workshop in Pakistan on quality assurance

“This was the first workshop I have ever attended in which all participants were interacting and which truly enhanced our understanding of each topic. It was a fantastic educational activity. “ 
- Jenifer Dass BMT Nurse at Children Hospital P.I.M.S Islamabad, Pakistan

Cure2Children organized the workshop, “Quality assurance in BMT unit,” at PIMS Children’s Hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan on the 18th and 19th of December 2013. The aim of this workshop was to enhance the professional development of BMT (bone marrow transplant) nurses and enstate quality improvements at the BMT unit. In attendance were BMT nurses and physicians as well as oncology nurses and physicians from the local hospital.
The two-day program included interactive sessions on quality assurance, professional development, competency assessment, data management, and evidence-based practices in BMT units. Nurses and doctors delivered presentations using first-hand experience and examples. Time was also allotted for open discussions giving an opportunity for the team to discuss issues impacting their roles in limited resource settings, as well as, to provide clarity and standardisation on practices.
As part of equality and inclusion, nurses were given an opportunity to choose a quality ambition for 2014. The majority chose “hand hygiene to reduce healthcare associated infections in the BMT unit” as their 2014 quality ambition. Nurses will receive ongoing support and resources throughout 2014 to achieve their chosen ambition.
The workshop provided participants an excellent opportunity to enhance their knowledge and inspired BMT nurses to achieve the highest quality care in their BMT unit.
Cure2Children will continue to deliver educational workshops of this kind in the future to achieve the highest standard of care in bone marrow transplantation globally.
Overall participants responded positively to the workshop and found it very useful.
“The workshop was very well organized. I learnt a lot through knowledge sharing and high quality information that was presented in the workshop. It would be great to have such workshops regularly in the future.”
- Nabeela Hussain BMT Nurse at Children Hospital P.I.M.S Islamabad, Pakistan
“It was a great learning activity. I learnt a lot and am determined to use the learning in my practice.“
- Rahat Bano and Suleman Samar BMT Nurses at Children Hospital P.I.M.S Islamabad, Pakistan


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