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From Nigeria to India to cure Sickle Cell Disease

P.A. is a 7 year-old boy from Nigeria cured from Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) with a bone marrow transplant from his elder sister almost a year ago. The family contacted Cure2Children in July 2016, free compatibility testing was arranged by shipping the kits to Nigeria. After knowing that the sister was matched, the family decided to come to our partner BMT center in Bangalore-India, established in collaboration with Sankalp India Foundation. The transplant was done in February 2017 and since than Patrick has had no more painful crises and is leading a normal life together with his family. Peter, his father, says: "Patrick was back in Nigeria 3 months after the transplant and shortly after started going to school. He is doing very well with 97 percent total average end of term examination score and in his current Basic 2 class he is second best of 15 pupils. The total cost of the BMT was in the 15.000 USD range but the cost of travelling and staying in India was actually higher than that." Together with its partners and supporters Cure2Children is helping to develop centers for the cure of SCD directly in Sub-Saharan Africa where this disease is most common (1% of live births) and very often a cause of suffering, severe disability and early death. BMT Ghana, in collaboration with Cure2Children, wants to spare the many families with children suffering from SCD in Ghana and neighbouring countries long-distance travels, additional costs and aggravations which might be prohibitive for most of them. We hope to start operations by mid-2018.

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