How can Cure2Children help me to be cured from thalassemia through Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT)?

Cure2Children cannot cover the cost of BMT but will offer it in it's partner centers, which are specifically focused on BMT for thalassemia, at a non-profit and all-inclusive rate of 15.000 USD or less for compatible sibling BMT and 20.000 for haploidentical (partially compatible family member) BMT.
Keep in mind that many institutions indicate BMT charges which are limited to the initial hospital period of 45 days and will not cover the whole recovery, generally lasting 1 years. Also, very often complications which may arise during the transplantation are not included in the price quotation. This may also hold true for partial coverage by Central and State governments which is limited to the initial estimated cost of transplantation.
At Cure2Children partner centers BMTs are done at a fixed cost which includes any complications directly associated with the transplantation. The cost of follow-up medication, consultation and labs is also included up-to a year post-BMT.

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These answers have been prepared by:
- Dr. Lawrence Faulkner, Cure2Children medical team coordinator
- Dr. Sadaf Khalid, Cure2Children Pakistan branch coordinator