How do I choose the best BMT center for my child?

Outcomes can vary widely depending on the experience and dedication of the BMT team involved. The family must take some time to visit different centers, speak with transplant doctors and nurses as well as other families who have undergone BMT in those centers. It is essential and recommended to have transparent and verifiable information on specific thalassemia BMT experience and long-term results.
An important thing to look at, possibly with the help of a third-party medical professionals you know well and trust, is the number and quality of scientific publications from the medical team and professional profiles of the transplant physicains available at Google scholar. Another important question to ask is whether a given transplant center participates in the outcome reporting programs of established international registries like the American CIBMTR or European EBMT. Participation of the transplant service to internationally established quality assurance programs like FACT-JACIE might also be relevant for decision making. How beautiful and flashy the hospital is has little todo with oiutcomes.

These answers have been prepared by:
- Dr. Lawrence Faulkner, Cure2Children medical team coordinator
- Dr. Sadaf Khalid, Cure2Children Pakistan branch coordinator