Outstanding thalassemia cure rates

Since we started in July 2018, Dr Deepa Trivedi and her team of doctors and nurses at the Sankalp-Cure2Children BMT center in CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad-India, have performed 121 bone marrow transplants in children up to 16 years of age with thalassemia. The overall cure rate with improved health-related quality of life is 95%  with a 2% mortality rate; 11 of these transplants were done using a partially matched (haploidentical) family donor (see FAQs), all of whom are doing well.

This outstanding result is even more impressive considering that it was obtained at an average cost per transplant in the 15.000 US$ range, see blog article. Cure2Children is very proud of working with such a team of Doctors and Nurses as well as with the Sankalp India Foundation.