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Over 95% cure rate with our latest transplant update

Since our latest bone marrow transplant procedure updates, in March 2017, 43 children with thalassemia have undergone BMT in our partner centers in India and Pakistan (People Tree Hospital-Bangalore, CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad, South East Asia Institute for Thalassemia-Jaipur and PIMS Children's Hospital-Islamabad. There have been no transplant-related deaths so far and only one child rejected for a cure rate of over 95%. Of course we will need more time for these outstanding results to stabilize but we are all very proud of our doctors, nurses and support team. This has been possible thanks to the hard work of Sankalp India Foundation and to the contribution and trust of all the donors who believe in what we do.
This results are among the best globally and are achieved at a fraction of the cost of the great majority of transplant centers, thus making BMT not only very effective and safe but also much more accessible...the mission of C2C.  

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