C2C list of peer-reviewed publications

Cure2Children is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving pediatric healthcare worldwide. One of its pivotal contributions is through peer-reviewed scientific publications, which serve as crucial tools in disseminating knowledge, advancing medical practices, and advocating for better healthcare for children globally.

Through rigorous peer review, Cure2Children ensures that its publications meet the highest standards of scientific integrity and credibility. These publications cover a wide range of topics, including innovative medical treatments, healthcare delivery models, and outcomes research in pediatric healthcare.

By publishing in reputable scientific journals, Cure2Children not only shares its own research findings but also facilitates collaboration and knowledge exchange among healthcare professionals, researchers, and policymakers worldwide. This commitment to scientific publishing underscores Cure2Children's dedication to evidence-based practice and its mission to ensure that all children, regardless of their circumstances, have access to the best possible healthcare.

Cure2Children publications are open access, thus accessible full-text free of cost.

For un updated list of peer-reviewed scientific publication please visit the National Library of Medicine/PubMed.