Cure2Children & Sankalp India Foundation

It all started with a meeting in a hotel close to Bangalore airport in 2013, meeting Rajat and Rakesh, co-founders of Sankalp India Foundation, was a game changer for all of us. Since than we have launched two BMT centers: One at the People Tree Hospital in Bangalore in 2015 and one at CIMS Hospital in Ahmedabad in 2017.  As of December 2019 a total of 260 BMTs have been performed 245 of which for thalassemia. Overall cure rates are over 85% with a mortality of 5% including 22 haploidentical transplants (from partially compatible parents). Read more about Cure2Children & Sankalp India Foundation

Islamabad, Pakistan

The Problem Being Addressed: Over 60,000 children in Pakistan are suffering from thalassemia major, the most common fatal genetic disease in the world. Because of lack of knowledge or availability of tests in many areas of Pakistan, 5000 children are born with this disease each year. The weekly treatment needed by theses children to stay alive is a huge economic burden on affected families because the cost is often higher than their total income. Consequently, the majority of children do not live longer than adolescence. Read more about Islamabad, Pakistan

International BMT training

In the month of November 2019 the Sankalp-Cure2Children network (SCN) lounched a fellowship focused on the cure of thalassemia, sickle cell anemia and other non-malignant conditions. Our first trainee is Dr Paula Tacla from Brasilia, Brazil, who is planning to start up a thalassemia BMT program in her home country when she returns after her 6-months period with us in Bangalore. Read more about International BMT training

Free HLA Typing

The Free HLA Typing Project Cure2Children provides HLA-typing free of charge to low-income families that need it. HLA-typing is a test that allows you to find a bone marrow donor match for someone in need of a bone marrow transplant. This is useful for children curable by marrow or blood stem cell transpla ntation from severe thalassemia, sickle-cell anemia, aplastic anemia , leukemia and other forms of pediatric cancers and blood disorders. Read more about Free HLA Typing

Pristina, Kosovo

The Family Support Project
Many children that suffer from leukemia and other forms of childhood cancer come from families with low-incomes. Families are often not able to provide the needed treatment their children need to survive due to financial constraints. Cure2Children supports families so that they don't have to choose between purchasing medicines for their sick child or feeding their healthy sibling. Read more about Pristina, Kosovo

Jaipur, India

In collaboration with Manav Sewa Sangh Prem Niketan Hospital, Cure2Children created the first unit for the cure of thalassemia by bone marrow transplantation in Jaipur which started its activity in 2012. Since than a total of 65 BMTs have been carried put with very good results. This transplant unit, called the South East Asia Institute for Thalassemia or SEAIT, was the first ever in Rajasthan, an Indian state with 60 million people and several thousand children with thalassemia major and other diseases curable by bone marrow transplantation. Read more about Jaipur, India

Setting up a bone marrow transplant unit for children with thalassemia may facilitate pediatric cancer care

M. Dubali, Ciofi, D. , Menici, C. , Akthar, N. , Mourya, A. , and Challinor, J. , Setting up a bone marrow transplant unit for children with thalassemia may facilitate pediatric cancer care, Nurses meeting oral presentation at the 44th Congress of the International Society of Pediatric Oncology (SIOP) ( London, UK, 2012.


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