Cure2Children's Testimonial

Cure2Children's Testimonial Pakistan

Amarha received his first transfusion at 3 month of age and got diagnosed with Thalassemia major. Doctors gave her Capsule Hydroxyurea500mg, multivitamins and told us that she will be on regular blood transfusion lifelong. It was difficult for us to find blood donors, buy medicines and to see our child pricked again and again. In 2019 we visited Armed Forces Institute of Bone Marrow Transplant Centre (AFBMTC) Rawalpindi where doctors told us that if she will have 100% matched with parents or sibling then her bone marrow transplant could be possible but we don’t have space for new patients till 2023, they referred us to other bone marrow transplant centers. We went to BMT Unit Dr Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital, where they registered our Amarha and took buccal swab tests of whole family for high resolution HLA typing from DKMS Germany free of cost. Her elder brother was a 100% match. We decided to go for bone marrow transplant in Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital. Due to Covid-19 pandemics we have to wait for 6 months. After pre-transplant workup and chemotherapy which was difficult phase for her and the family. She received bone marrow transplant and later showed 80% engraftment. We wish that no parents had to see their kids suffer from such diseases. Amarah was the first child in our family with Thalassemia and now we educate other family members too on thalassemia screening and prevention. Our child is now healthy. Thanks to C2C BMT team for their unconditional support.

Mrs. Saira Imtiaz

Amarha Imtiaz

Hassan got diagnosed with Thalassemia Major and needed blood transfusion after every few days. We are a family of 5 and we were struggling financially and arranging blood and medications was getting difficult in our City. After regular blood transfusions and medicines Hassan’s health was becoming better but we couldn’t see our child going through pain, needles and the scare of reactions from blood transfusions. Meanwhile we searched for curative treatment and came to know about Bone Marrow Transplant . Luckily Hassan had a 100% HLA compatible sibling. We visited Cure2Children Foundation and BMT unit in Dr. Akbar Niazi teaching hospital (ANTH). There we were given all the information about treatment and cost of BMT . Our son was Admitted for the preparation of the transplant. Chemotherapy was difficult for him. He was not able to eat anything due to fever and Mucositis but the whole team was very cooperative and kind. They supported us in every way possible. In March 2019 Muhammad Hassan had Bone Marrow Transplant. After 20 days of BMT Muhammad Hassan’s engraphtment status got checked. Hassan had a successful transplant and Donor bone marrow is working in him. Hassan’s Transplant was mainly funded by DKMS Germany and Begum Kulsum Akhter Memorial trust Pakistan. We could only afford to arrange 2 lakh PKR ourselves. We took our healthy and happy child home after so many months. Now We don’t have to worry about arranging blood and raising funds for his treatment. Hassan turned 15 in 2020. He is a healthy teen who is going to school and enjoying his life like every normal child. We can’t thank enough to the C2C nurses and Doctors who were very kind and supportive throughout our child’s treatment.

Hassan Ahmad