Cure2Children's Testimonial

Cure2Children's Testimonial Cameroun

When i had my eldest son he was sick so often that the doctors asked us to do hemoglobin electrophoresis. Glory be to God he was AS so a sickle carrier but, we have lost a child to sickle cell disease and are aware we are both carriers, therefore at risk of having another child with sickle cell disease. When I lost my previous child my descent into hell began. I had a depression that lasted a long time. I have difficulties getting pregnant and it was very hard to accept the only option offered by my gynecologist, she would perform amniocentesis and terminate the pregnancy if the fetus was SS. So when Manuella arrived, it was such a great joy that I refused to do the amniocentesis and believed that God would spare us. At one week of life, the diagnosis of sickle cell disease was made, a new hard blow. she is quickly put on antibiotics and folic acid but at the age of 4 months she has the first episode of severe systemic infection which happened again almost every 3 weeks including arthritis of the hip with severe anemia at the age of around 6 months. We had almost lost it. It is than that we come into contact with a mother of a patient with sickle cell disease who connected us to Dr Faulkner. We were in doubt at first, but had no other options but to throw this bottle into the sea and hope. Dr Faulkner and his team at Cure2Children did everything possible and free of charge to us, and another miracle, a ray of hope has been given to us: Our family was offered free compatibility testing by shipping mouth swabs to DKMS-Germany, and Manuella's elder brother turned out to be 100% compatible. We look forward for the Covid pandemic to be over and be able to travel, we are reassured that the Cure2Children team is professional and that this is not an illusion. We would like to thank the whole team in advance, and in particular Dr Faulkner who never spares any effort to consult remotely because we live in Cameroon, a country with very low incomes and low level of medical coverage.

Caroline  Ntyam Bikoro