What We do for Professionals

For Professionals

Are you a health professional or an administrator involved in the care of children with blood disorders or malignancies? Are you interested in collaborating for setting up and/or sustaining a high-quality bone marrow transplantation program in a low- or middle-income country? We may be able to provide assistance.

The Cure2Children Foundation can provide assistance with:

  • Professional support for the set up of sustainable bone marrow transplantation centers. In fact, the Cure2Children (C2C) network has the largest current global experience on the cure of the most prevalent non-communicable life-threatening disorders of childhood, i.e. hemoglobinopathies, particularly severe thalassemia, with close to 700 bone marrow transplants done over the past decade. Some of this activity has beenreported in peer-reviewed international journals listed in the US National Library of Medicine
  • Free high-resolution HLA typing through DKMS, the world’s largest international network of donor centers.
  • Training, research and development
  • Training for physicians and nurses.
  • Online and on-site capacity building.
  • transplant cost subsidy.